RUBBERBAND Method (for professionals)

This workshop outlines the methods developed by Victor Quijada. Based on the RUBBERBANDance Group (RBDG) company class, it is intended to prepare dancers for the demands of his choreography. Basic principles to be addressed include: the distribution of weight outside of the plum-line axis of the upright skeletal structure; the agility in hand, elbow, and shoulder inversions; and the use of the body and all its surfaces as 3-dimensional and multi-directional carving tools. Participants are introduced to a movement hybrid that is influenced by urban and contemporary dance vocabulary, while emphasizing interpretation, decision-making, use of rhythmic variations and partnering.

This movement approach helps dancers navigate their spines and bodies thru space between vertical and horizontal orientations, and prepares contemporary and classically trained dancers for floor-work commonly associated with break(dance). With the RUBBERBAND Method, dancers will be ready to engage the floor with authority and finesse, while negotiating their body through space using textures that are adapted from urban approaches. The RUBBERBAND Method also brings awareness to focus and visual connections within moments of partnering and performance.

RUBBERBAND Method (for teenagers 16yrs +)

Victor Quijada’s choreography combines urban, contemporary and classical principles and is influenced by experiences of the street, on stage, and on camera. The RUBBERBAND Method prepares the dancer with exercises that build agility and precision whether dancing on the feet, on the floor or upside down. Become a shape shifting escape artist, and connect contemporary, classical, and urban practices through a unique hybrid of these forms.

© Photo by Marc Bourgeois