The acceleration of gravity has the value of 9.81 m/s2. The equilibrist seems to defy the forces that work on the body. But gravity, like time, is incessant. As the body rises high, it is at its most vulnerable. Time moves forward; our stories unfold. Our intertwining paths pull together and pull apart; And the forces that bind us together are strong, but can be broken.

Samuel Tétreault, co-founder and co-artistic director of Les 7 doigts de la main, has teamed up with three choreographers to create a piece that explores what can happen when dance and circus arts meet. Combining body fluidity, acrobatic genius and the language of choreography, this performance is made up of three works that incorporate the creative universes of contemporary dance icons.

Les 7 doigts de la main translates literally as “the 7 fingers of the hand”. It is a twist on a French idiom (“the five fingers of the hand”) used to describe distinct parts united tightly, moving in coordination towards one common goal. Here it refers to the 7 founding directors of the company (Isabelle Chassé, Shana Carroll, Patrick Léonard, Faon Shane, Gypsy Snider, Sébastien Soldevila et Samuel Tétreault) who, by combining their distinct talents and experiences, work towards their common artistic goals with the beautifully awkward dexterity of a 7-fingered hand.

Triptyque is a coproduction between Les 7 doigts de la main, under an invitation of Daniel Soulières, and Sadler’s Wells (London), Thomas Lightburn (Vancouver), TOHU (Montréal), Albourne (Norwalk) and Danse-Cité (Montréal). It was presented for the first time at the TOHU in Montreal (CAN), in October 2015.


110 minutes


Artistic direction : Samuel Tétreault

Choreographers and directors : Marie Chouinard, Victor Quijada, Marcos Morau, Samuel Tétreault, Isabelle Chassé

Music : Louis Dufort, Jasper Gahunia, Nans Bortuzzo

Lightings : Yan Lee Chan

Costumes designers : Liz Vandal, Camille Thibault-Bédard

© Photo by Alexandre Galliez