Second Coming

Heavily influenced by the Los Angeles street-dance culture Quijada grew up in, Second Coming is an exclusive commission for Scottish Dance Theatre’s powerful dancers that sets his world–acclaimed breaking style to Jasper Gahunia‘s (AKA DJ Lil’ Jaz) turntablist soundscape: Beethoven, beats and breaks. The different sections the dancers perform reflect Quijada’s different experiences growing up surrounded by the break dancing battle of Los Angeles. Sections range from complex group work to intimate duets and sections that are very funny.

Scottish Dance Theatre is Scotland’s principal contemporary dance company and is part of Dundee Rep Theatre. SDT is one the three key elements that enable Dundee Rep Theatre Company Ltd to achieve the objectives set out in its mission statement “To provide a performing arts service of the highest quality for the city of Dundee and Tayside Region”. SDT also has a national remit and an ambassadorial role, touring throughout Britain and beyond.

Second Coming was presented for the first time with the Scottish Dance Theatre at the Dundee Rep in Dundee (UK) in February 2013.


45 minutes


Choreography : Victor Quijada

Music : Jasper Gahunia

Costume design : Anna Fleischle

Lighting design : Yan Lee Chan

© Photo by Maria Falconer