Reflections on Movement Particles

Reflections on Movement Particles marked Rubberbandance Group’s first European creation residency. It was also Victor Quijada’s first collaboration with lighting designer Yan Lee Chan and with musician/composer Mitchell Akiyama (Intr_version Records), who would later compose the music for Slicing Static and the live symphonic score for Suspension of Disbelief, a Quijada work commissioned by Pacific Northwest Ballet.

Reflections on Movement Particles is a meditation on the abstract versus the narrative nature of the body and its motion, supported by Akiyama’s minimalist electronic soundscapes and Chan’s lighting, an interacting element in the piece.

This work was later incorporated into the repertory program, Elastic Perspective Redux, and toured extensively.

Reflections on Movement Particles premiered in Fall 2003, at Théâtre de L’L in Brussels. The North American premiere took place in Montreal at the MAI, in collaboration with Studio 303, in April 2004.


60 minutes


Choreographer: Victor Quijada

Original Cast: Joe-Danny Aurélien, Jayko Eloï, Emmanuelle Lê Phan, Anne Plamondon, and Victor Quijada

Lighting Design: Yan Lee Chan

Music: Mitchell Akiyama

Produced by RUBBERBANDance Group in co-production with Festival Danse en vol / Studio 303, and Théâtre de L’L (Belgium). Residency at Théâtre de L’L. With generous support from the CanDance Network Touring Exchange Program.

© Photos by Nathalie Galazka