PERPETUA gives name to this constant cycle of life and death, lament and rejoice. It belongs to all humans and here it is defined by the voices of those directly and indirectly marked by the current cycles of Mexico. Three choreographers. Three voices. One heritage.

ezdanza is an ensemble of talented dancers that perform the work of Mexican-born choreographer, Edgar Zendejas. The choreographic works he creates are lush, expressive, beautiful poems in movement. The company of six dancers offers a wide variety of performance and residency activities. Company members teach in many styles including modern techniques, ballet, jazz, composition, repertory, improvisation and yoga. Although the company’s teaching is focused toward the dance professional, company members are skilled and experienced at teaching all levels and ages from children to senior adult.

Perpetua was presented for the first time with ezdanza at the Sala Miguel Covarrubias in Mexico (MX) in October 2014.


20 minutes


To come

© Photo by Yan Lassalle