Movement Mathematics

Future Stars’ Grand Premiere

Fondation de la Place des arts’ annual benefit event

Movement Mathematics

On June 7, 2016, the sixth edition of the Future Stars’ Grand Premiere fundraising event raised a record amount of more than $550,000 for the Fondation de la Place des Arts. Movement Mathematics was specifically created for the event from important sequences of RBDG’ repertoire. The performance was presented at Théâtre Maisonneuve.


Choreographer : Victor Quijada

Music : Jasper Gahunia

Lighting : Yan Lee Chan

Costumes : Julie Charland

DancersFranklin Luy, Zack Tang, Lavinia Vago, Lea Ved,

Apprentis : Marilyne Cyr, Arielle Locke, Paco Ziel

Aspirants : Jean Bui, Sovann Prom Tep, Axelle Munezero

© Photos by Milk Images