With his street dancer’s sensibility, Victor Quijada has consistently sought to transpose the immediacy of hip-hop circles into conventional compositional display, shattering habitual formats in countless ways in hopes that the public will experience dance as a participatory event rather than as passive spectators.

In Metabolism, the first full-length piece created for RUBBERBANDance Group, Victor brought this concern to the forefront. In an immersive experience, the audience is taken through the choreographer’s evolution as an artist: from performances in small club venues through formal artistic and classical influences, the theatre space alters as the piece develops. The video projections, site-specific choreographic relationships to architecture, audience interaction, and environmental set design were experimentations that would further inform and eventually lead to subsequent creations Slicing StaticAV Input/Outputand Punto Ciego.

Metabolism was presented in the DNA: Définition Non-Applicable event at Espace Tangente in Montreal in March 2003.


75 minutes with intermission


Choreographer: Victor Quijada

Dancers: Joe-Danny Aurélien, Jayko Eloï, Matt “Hatch” Morein, Jacobs Osakue, Anne PlamondonVictor Quijada, and Miko Sobreira

Artistic Consultant: Miko Sobreira

Lighting Design: Caroline Nadeau

Costumes: Triple Five Soul

Set Design: Victor Quijada

Music: various

Required technicians: 3

Produced by RUBBERBANDance Group with support from Jeunes Volontaires / Emploi-Québec.

© Photo by Peter Martin