La Vie

La Vie is about insanity, sorrow, bad behaviour, pain, airplane accidents and romantic love gone terribly wrong – but it’s funny, joyful, and very sexy. La Vie takes place in a purgatory of the imagination, where the sinners try to tumble, juggle, climb, fly, sing or joke their way out of hell. A diabolical master of ceremonies presides over this twisted Judgement Day, and not even the audience is safe as he weighs their souls in his unforgiving hands. The unexpected, the hysterical and the surprisingly moving.

Founded in Montreal in 2002, the 7 Fingers initial goal was to bring circus to a human scale. They began as artists on stage, creating collectively, and soon branched out, expanding their creative talents as directors, choreographers, writers and coaches, passing on their collaborative and unique 7 Fingers process to a new generation of circus artists. Les 7 doigts de la main translates literally as “the 7 fingers of the hand”. It is a twist on a French idiom (“the five fingers of the hand”) used to describe distinct parts united tightly, moving in coordination towards one common goal. Here it refers to the 7 founding directors of the company (Isabelle Chassé, Shana Carroll, Patrick Léonard, Faon Shane, Gypsy Snider, Sébastien Soldevila et Samuel Tétreault) who, by combining their distinct talents and experiences, work towards their common artistic goals with the beautifully awkward dexterity of a 7-fingered hand.

La Vie was presented for the first time in 2007.


To come


Artistic direction, Staging and Choreography : Les 7 doigts de la main

Choreographer consultant for handstand act : Victor Quijada

Original Cast : Emilie Bonnavaud, Shana Carroll, Isabelle Chassé, Patrick Léonard, DJ Pocket, Faon Shane, Sébastien Soldevila, Samuel Tétreault

 © Photo by Éric Piché