Enter Woven

Enter Woven examines the push and pull of the environment we live in. It brings into focus the causal effect of our interconnected relationships. In this piece, the atmosphere is palpable; limbs reach out to cut and carve through the ether. Individuals join and compress against each other. Their bodies form architectures. These structures shift, and individuals shift over, under, and through one another. We watch as their stories intertwine, detach, reconnect, and transform.

Among the world’s top contemporary dance companies and a global cultural ambassador, Hubbard Street Dance Chicago demonstrates fluency in a wide range of techniques and forms, and deep comprehension of abstract artistry and emotional nuance. The company is critically acclaimed for its exuberant and innovative repertoire, featuring works by master American and international choreographers. Hubbard Street’s 18 artists hail from four countries and 12 U.S. states, and comprise a superlative ensemble of virtuosity and versatility. Since its founding by Lou Conte in 1977, Hubbard Street has grown through the establishment of multiple platforms. Each is dedicated to the support and advancement of dance as an art form, as a practice, and as a method for generating and sustaining communities of all kinds.

Enter Woven was presented for the first time with Hubbard Street Dance Chicago at the MCA’s intimate Edlis Neeson Theater as part of Princess Grace Awards: New Works in Chicago (US) in December 2014.


30 minutes


Choreography : Victor Quijada

Music : Jasper Gahunia

Lighting Design : Burke Brown

Costume Design : Marilène Bastien

With : Jacqueline Burnett, Alicia Delgadillo, Kellie Epperheimer, Emilie Leriche, Jane Rehm, Jessica Tong, Jesse Bechard, Jonathan Fredrickson, Michael Gross, Jason Hortin, Johnny McMillan, Andrew Murdock, and Kevin J. Shannon

© Photo by Todd Rosenberg