Victor Quijada’s initial intention was to choreograph a set of vignettes that would project the feeling of being somewhere else in time and space – scenes of a ritual from another dimension and moments of futuristic coupling games.

Le Jeune Ballet du Québec, a junior ballet company, gives the opportunity to aspiring dancers who have finished their training at l’École supérieure, to live their first experience as company members in a structured and professional environment. As there are less and less companies today able to train apprentices, The Jeune ballet du Québec serves as a precious link between professional training and future employment in a recognized dance company. The Jeune Ballet du Québec is a perfect launching pad for a serious career in dance.

Antidote was presented for the first time with the Jeune Ballet du Québec at the Grand chapiteau of Festival des Arts de Saint-Sauveur in August, 2006.


To come


Music : Mitchell Akiyama

Choreography : Victor Quijada

With : Jeune Ballet du Québec